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Maps. They're called maps. You can look at them and see where everything is!


Where I'm living right now, I have been unable to find real printed paper maps, so I have to depend on GPS all the time. The consequence is that I have NO IDEA where anything is in relation to anything else.


Even in my little town of Hilo, Hawaii, I get so confused about where things are. I do little self-tutorials on new places before heading out. I don't even try to find my way around Seattle, where we often visit. It's Terry driving or busses.
Maps are fun, though. I like to study them with nothing practical in mind.


~~Silk - This means I'd have to buy a map and study it - and not just any map, a map of downtown that has only the entertainment venues on it. If I can get one I probably should do that.
Hattie - They do keep changing Hilo? That's what gets me. They change the highway exits in St.Louis every five years, it seems.

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