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How is the dead skunk your fault for feeding the animals? If it was a hungry skunk banging on their door asking for food saying all his friends said this was the food place, then maybe. And Gary. What a total skunk.


Good for you on all points! Also: I have to admit I did chuckle a bit. This would make an excellent sitcom plotline.

jessica fantastica

I feel like you could describe your grocery trips and I'd be entertained. You are such a great story teller


My life is so dull.


Allison - I know, I just immediately took responsibility. I did point out to her that her vegetable garden wasn't being consumed by raccoons. But I do feel that some animals have taken up residence and the heards are not being thinned by natural selection because we are feeeding them.
Lynn - I could see it as an episode of The Middle. Brick feeds the animals and it goes from there.
Jessicas Fantastica - that is a nice compliment!
Hattie - Yeah, sure, with all the travel and the typhoons and lava flow bearing down on your city!

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