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This is over my head.


Wait a minute - now I'm wondering why there's dairy....


Hattie - don't they have pumpkin spice flavored things in Hawaii?
~~silk - it looks like Starbucks originally used pumpkin puree, but then that turned into artificial pumpkin flavor, and now they keep quiet in what's in it because vegans got mad about the condensed milk, and then there were ground up bugs in it for color, and then HFCS. I imagine it's all chemicals now.


Phew! Thank goodness they are protecting the public from contamination with the use of proper chemicals. Yes, we do have a Starbucks here, but I hadn't noticed whether they had pumpkin-flavored stuff. I'll bet the parking lot of your Starbucks doesn't have chickens running around in it, though.


Hattie - Can you imagine? Gary would be there every day, and he would name all the chickens.

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