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Once upon a time, Lands End had a virtual model. I put in my measurements. Then I "tried on" a suit I liked. It looked like the second picture. I did not buy the suit. Lands End no longer has a virtual model.


The best blazer I ever had was custom made by a Hong Kong tailor. It was long enough and fit properly in the back. Maybe you should find a tailor.


Becs - so funny! I can just picture it.
Hattie - my aunt used a seamstress, but she was an executive secretary and had to look just so.


You DESERVE things you look nice in. Of course I run around in rags, but I'm a jerk.


I used to dream of opening up a shop called "Pear" and everything in it would be regular sized tops with XXL bottoms, sold as a set. I think I'd make a killing, don't you? I dream of one day finding a store with a one-piece dress that actually fits!


Hattie - I'm sure you aren't a jerk. More probably you don't need to boost your self-esteen with clothes.
Lynn - You'll like the page I found last week, then:

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