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Big Dot

I don't know how you put up with him.

Yes I do. It's how I put up with mine leaving me to do all sorts of tiring jobs around the house with no interest, comment, help or even the offer of a drink on a sweltering day. Or praise, afterwards. Yesterday he even said he couldn't tell which bit of the fence I'd stained and which I hadn't.

It's by gritting your teeth so hard you get jaw muscles like Arnie's.


Seriously fabulous story. You crack me up. Congratulations on losing the mute!


Big dot - and the thing is, if you stopped, they wouldn't care. Live in filth. Are you taking him along to the new paradise?
Lynn - I'm just a documentarian.

Big Dot

We're there now. Where he sits inside all day with his back to the window, hunched over his laptop and periodically checking his gadgets to see what the weather's doing outside. Sigh.


Big Dot - I'm so happy you don't follow his lead.

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