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Our grandkids just left, so the Spongebob Square Pants marathon is over.

Sherri Murphy-Jacobs

I am comforted to know that I can go away for months and return, and Gary is still talking to squirrels.

Also, stop sending your lost poundage to my house.


Hattie - I have never seen any episode of Barney or SpongeBob. I understand that Spongebob was actually written by a marine biologist as a cautionary tale of what might happen to the oceans.
Sherri Murphy-Jacobs - What's odd is that this very weekend I fed the squirrels. Usually I don't, but one squirrel jumped up on the back of the faux goose we have that is supposed to frighten the hawk. It looked so cute perched up there astride the goose decoy I thought it I might be able to train it to sit on the goose for its food each morning. For all I know it might have been on the goose all day and got sick of it.

Sherri Murphy-Jacobs

Life from the back of the Mock Goose.

Mock Goose strikes me as an excellent name for something, and also a snazzy logo. I'm just not sure what could carry a name of such glory.

Faux Goose sounds a bit like you would eat it in a restaurant that puts more than one fork at each place setting.


Sherri - Mock is better: it has the always-funny "K" consonant.

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