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I would argue that in that case, Gary richly deserved to be called a c-word. Good for you.


Gosh, when a girl needs some sympathy...


I don't know the long c word, unless it's "catastrophe", something I strongly relate to. But I am very familiar with the short one and there are times when it should, nay, must be used. I use an amalgam of the British and American meanings of it, but if you hear me use it, you should probably back away. Slowly. Facing me.


I'm in the thick of it too, and I know I fly off the handle/burst into tears a little too easily, but I will say that in this same scenario, I would have had the Big Angry Reaction as well. In general I find my tolerance for I Do Everything All The Freaking Time is waning as I age. Is it menopause, or just an aging woman's lowered tolerance for shit? I think maybe a bit of both :).


Allison - You know, the doctor asked if I thought I needed to go back on medication and I used this story as proof I was not mentally ill.
Hattie - Sympathy is in short shrift arund here, even from me.
Becs - An amalgam? Like ... Twunt? Cwat?
Lynn- Yes! I can't take the bullshit anymore. I think it's a perfect storm of both.

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