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Both alarming and hilarious. Will you stop leaving the peanuts out now? Or are you considering opening a petting zoo instead? I've heard skunks make great pets :).

Mrs. Hall

GREAT photos! so cool!

Big Dot

I'm so envious that you have so many sorts of animals in your back yard. We only have birds, you know. (Boring.) And the wildlife camera is such a cool idea!

Big Dot

(Well, also introduced pests like rats, possums and hedgehogs, but I don't count them.)


Great photos. And yes, skunks can get huge. There was / is one living in or under my garden shed (I don't use it for anything any more) and one evening I saw it trunding away. HUGE. And raccoons get very big, too. When I was feeding the outdoor cats kibble, one raccoon tried to get into the house. Scary!


Those shots are amazing. Looks like the wildlife is moving in everywhere, probably retreating to suburbia to get away from the hunters!


Lynn- Oh, there are extra peanuts now.
Mrs Hall - We SCREAMED when we saw the deer. So gorgeous.
Big Dot - Hedgehogs! I am jealous.
Becs - Huge like small bear huge?
Hattie - That could be. It's just a few days until hunting season.

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