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I suspect the rioters and the looters have something in common. To support the one, I suspect you support the other.

But that's an opinion, and you know what they say about those.


Zayrina - well, I thought I had a nice legal / constitutional dividing line at first. Shoot unarmed teen? Bad. Throw Burny thing at police? Bad. Point guns at peaceful people in street? Bad. Point guns at people literally sitting in the intersection? Overkill. Dumb. But I know there's some better way to be civilly disobedient. Friend 2 just reminded me that nothing is black and white. Both sides are dancing on both sides of the dividing line - and it is AMAZING to watch as MSNBC cherry picks info that only supports their side. I'm sure if I watched Fox I'd be amazed how they slanted facts pro police.

I was glad to hear today that the police have essentially been taken off the case.


Well damn - police just taken off the investigation of one of their own. I was hoping there won't be any ferguson police in their tanks. But no. Just taken off the investigation they were doing parallel to the FBI.


Ah that's better - ferguson police are off riot control and the highway Patrol is doing it instead. Weird. I immediately wondered if I'd be seeing more speeding on the way home, but saw one guy pulled over.


Fascinating. Not really like the 60's, though. Whites were much more racist then. I thought the cops looked absurd in their military gear. So much to say. I appreciate your close-in view.


Hattie - Cops scared me before, now they are terrifying. And I understand from a friend in Springfield that 60s racism still exists out there. I feel a little pride that our riot has lasted longer than any other riot.


Queen: I guess you are right. Sigh.

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