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That's so nice of you to be so understanding about the stuff and so good of Gary to admit it.


The heat would kill me too. See if he minds stuffing an air conditioner in his pack.


Just don't seal off all your sweat pores with sunscreen.


I have to admit that I found this funny, but also felt a little teary-eyed by the end. I can relate to wanting the stuff and all that it represents.

And when that helicopter malfunctions, you two will be equipped and ready to help the city slickers survive!


No need to prepare for camping the two-foot wide, donkey poop-covered Bright Angel Trail. There's a restaurant and a hotel at the top, and lots of people.

Park Rangers tell you, "Remember, if you go down, you must come up." The air is cool and thinner at the top, and it gets warmer as you descend. Bring lightly salted nuts and raisins for energy, along with water. You may want to practice with your water packs at Rockwoods or Babler, too. Unless you're already there, in which case, this is rather moot.


I have seen the Grand Canyon from the air. It was cool. I'm good with that.


Becs - He is accepting it so much that he has spent an additional $300.
Zayrina - Were going in Spring, and the elevation is high so I hope it isn't too hot.
Hattie-I didn't know that was a danger!
Beth - I KNOW that's what Gary is dreaming of
Marcia - It will be Angel Poop Trail to me from now on.
Tami - I've seen it from there too. Not enough.

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