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I don't actually know your pain. I had a Hysterectomy in 2008 and the pause was no pause at all, rather it was immediate. I did no hormones at all deciding that nature knows best. I am plagued by heat intolerance and hot flashes, a rather dry climate down under if you get my drift. Not having to deal with the monthly mess is heavenly though.

Oh yeah and I am definitely more stable emotionally than I was pre-hysto. Don't crave chocolate any more either.

Let the good times roll.

Amy in StL

Wait, I was hoping that being on the pill since I was 18 would mean Menopause wouldn't come. I mean, I knew it would, but they're hormones I'm on now; right? Clearly I need to do more research because I'm not that many years behind you. Damn.


I never took the pill or any female hormones. Now I'm just an old lady, which is where all women end up if we're lucky.


Zayrina - No chocolate? The Chocolate / salt craving is the only remaining part of my blood-free cycle.
Amy in StL - They are hormones, that's why I have to go off it before they test. It's possible they just aren't enough hormones when ours dry up?
Hattie - I am looking forward to it, especially if I get to be an "old lady" world traveler like you!

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