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????? I'm confused. I don't inhale when I yawn. My yawns are just a isotonic/isometric stretching of the jaw and throat muscles that makes my ears buzz. If there's an intake of air, it's minor and incidental.

Am I doin' it wrong?


I yawn normally and there is a very large intake of air with it. I cannot image a yawn without a very large intake of air with it. I doubt I would find them very satisfying.

I recently read that dogs yawn sympathetically when the see us yawn.


I have this thing where I start feeling like I can't get a deep breath where I get that little 'over the top' feeling at the end of it. Then I start noticing it and low-level freaking out - maybe that's the carbon-dioxide panic thing. My daughter says she gets the same thing. I'm trying desperately not to think about it too much now. *gasp*


I get that too, although less since I started taking meds for my heart condition.Don't know if that is related to it.


~~Silk - you are doing it all wrong. Is "yawn" like "mango," a word that means something else in your parts?
Zayrina - I read that momma dogs yawn to calm their children. It never calmed any dog I had.
Allison - Yeah! That's it. Maddening. I've just taken three complete satisfying yawns in a row, so I think I'm cured.
Hattie - well, of course I did read it was a sign of having a tear in your aorta. I would think a wonky heart would change how oxygen and carbon are processed by your lungs. That makes sense.


Just want you to know that reading this post made me yawn uncontrollably for the rest of the evening. I finally just gave up and went to bed! LOL


Gini (Hi, Gini!) - I'm sorry. I put people to sleep here; it's a service I provide.

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