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Yes, I had weird dreams, too. Mostly they were either long stories that seemed packed with meaning, or long narrow hallways with doors very close together and I didn't know which door I needed to open, but when I opened a door, the room or vista was much larger than the space between the doors would indicate, which for some reason I found very frustrating. The dreams stopped the day I took my first hormone replacement pill.


Can't say this was ever a part of my 'pausal experience. I feel left out.


I've been menopausal for years (:


I've been having vivid dreams as long as I can remember, but since I've been menopausal I've had vivid DISASTER dreams. Planes crashing in front of me and carrying me, earthquakes, explosions, tornadoes... Entertaining and terrifying all at once. Luckily, I can almost always convince myself to wake up because it's just a dream before it gets too intense. I'm waiting for a zombie apocalyse dream, which I think at this point is inevitable. Maybe once The Walking Dead starts up again...


~~Silk - The mail order pharamacy just sent me three more monthly packs of birth control. I guess I could use that for estrogen.
Zayrina - Maybe your dreams were always good.
Hattie - Gary just asked me tonight how long it takes and I didn't know. The web says between two to eight years.
Kristie - Drama Dreams! Sounds like your subconscious wants a challenge.


The HRT is different proportions than BC pills, because, uh, I forget why, something about progesterone, something having to do with the uterine lining, something about the lining getting "senile". So if you want to go that route, you might need a different prescription.

On the other hand, there are young women taking BC every day for months at a time and having only one or two periods a year, doctors are ok with that, and they seem to be ok. So, duh?


~~Silk - I know when I started the BC a doctor advised me that I'd have to go off it at some point just to be sure everything still worked. But then the gyno I had for years told me I never had to go off. I haven't had a painful period since. I don't know if I've passed the pause or I'm in peri-pause. Won't know for a week or so.

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