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Wasn't the beach ball one which had a valve so you could release the air for later re-inflation?


Zayrina - well, yes, but that's no fun.


We went to see Lord Huron at little movie theater turned into venue type place in June. During the encore I started feeling weird. Like do I need to throw up or shit myself? I stumbled through the crowd to the bathroom and nothing happened except that I felt worse. I left and bought a coke at the bar. Could not drink it. Stumbled back and found my daughter and friend. Then I sat down on the floor. I sat down on the floor in a bar. A bouncer type hauled me up and walked me outside. Where I stretched out on the sidewalk and breathed through my mouth. I could not think or speak. There are probably pictures of me somewhere. Firemen came and checked me out and then got me in the ambulance. Just overheated and dehydrated. It amazes me how fast it happened and how completely out of it I was.
Lord Huron is coming back in September. My friend says she'll go with me, but my daughter says no way.
Seeing BNL in July.


Wendy - that sounds awful! They say it only takes a few hours to get dehydrated. (*Quietly thinks that it actually sounds like someone spiked your hand stamp with LSD or something.*)

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