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Recommended my arse, you had to be dragged and threatened with revocation of your woman card AND your liberal card to get you to read it. Nevertheless welcome to the Sisterhood.

Big Dot

I'm thinking of re-reading Gatsby before seeing the movie (3D? WHY???) because all I can remember are the shirts, the billboard and the green light. I do remember the old man caught the fish but sharks ate it as he towed it home (I think?) Actually, I think I ought to re-read all the books I did at university, now I have some life experience. But I once tried to revisit Faulkner who I loved, and couldn't keep up any more. Books depress me: I've read so few, and there are so many, and more all the time. I'll NEVER catch up.


I always think the sign of Dr. Whatsit must be on the NJ NE Corridor line because that's how bleak and miserable it can be sometimes. But not near Princeton. No, no, never near Princeton. Someplace gritty like near Newark. That's what I learned in my first go-round of living up here, 1980-83.


Zayrina - I am ashamed. I hang my head and turn my face from the Sisterhood.
Big Dot - Luckily, I read 60 books a semester in college. I think I hit every one, except Tale of Two Cities.Is that Dickens? If so, I have it in the house. I've told myself I'd limit my reading to the Pulitzer award winner every year, but then they didn't even have one last year.
Becs - That can't be the path I took from the airport that starts with E (sorry, that's all I've got now) to your party. That was lush.


You are great!


Hattie - They should write a book about me. The Great S_______.


Yes, it is too late to divide the peonies. Also, I'd forgotten all about Redford as Gatsby. SWOON. And I loved your crack about Brazil/1984.


Magpie - I realized just a few days ago that my peonies look puny,not because they need division but because Gary had pest Control spray for bugs around the circumference of the house, thus killing the ants, thus witholding ant sex from the peonies.

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