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Chinglish? I once had an article submitted to an American Journal come back to me edited by someone whose first language was clearly not English. All the prepositions were changed. Hmm.


5.b. - It starts making a strange noise.

I'm not sure of the first one. Maybe it means to reverse the steps to reassemble after you "make the body separated"?


Those were the 2 lines that had you stumped, hmm?

I love Engrish.

Amy in StL

WTF? I think I'd be afraid to use anything that had such poorly translated instructions.


Arlene - What did you do? That must have been awkward.
~~Silk - So, unmake the body separated then turn -30 degrees? That does actually make sense.
Candy - What I love is that the lines about electricity are perfect.
Amy in StL - It didn't inspire confidence.

Mrs. Hall

engrish!!! so awesome!!


Mrs Hall - I honestly can't tell what the writer's original languge is.


I would guess that the original language is something Oriental based on the words that are left out. Also, I'd guess that "contrary" is simply an incorrectly translated word. Maybe something about lists in that language translates like "arguments", and it all went pear-shaped from there.


Tami - yep. Made in china. Written in Chinese, originally, I guess.


Friday my Chilean foreign exchange student and I made empanadas from a recipe written in Spanish. We almost had a fire incident. Her biggest concern was making sure we had exactly 15 ping pong sized balls of dough. She suggest we put jam in some of them, which made sense to me. Like a pie. She was quite horrified when I brought out the strawberry jam. So I suggested lingonberry. No, no, no! She wanted HAM.


Wendy - you sponsor a foreign exchange student? That is so cool. Jam empanadas do not sound cool.


I've had sweet empanadas. They're fine, like biscuits are fine in strawberry short cake.


Tami - You say that to someone who currently has the twinkie cakes ready to fill with the sliced strawberries. I opted for the chocolate pound cake today though, and let the twinkie cakes sit.

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