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How weird is Warehouse 13? (The imdb summary sounded a little weird.) Is it on Netflix or Amazon? We're bingers, too. Always looking for our next fix.


Honey Boboo's Mom? That is freaking cold. Bad bad Gary.


I LOVE Warehouse 13. It's more wacky than weird. It's on Netflix.

I looked at the picture of Momma June. I know someone that looks *just like that*. I always feel bad for her. You know, because of her face. You do not look like that AT ALL.


Jerri - Netflix. I don't know if it's on Amazon: it might be. It is quirky and wry.
Zayrina - Yeah! Bad boy! He has expressed remorse.
Tami - I like it, but I am tired of the guy saying he has a vibe. I know it must be his catchphrase but it's tiresome.

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