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I'm watching the original BBC House of Cards now and will give the new series a try later on. I, too, am a Kevin Spacey fan.


I finished watching HoC this weekend, too! I didn't realize there were only 13 episodes, I would have doled them out more slowly.


Hattie - I don't know f I'd like the UK version, just because the only redeeming quality the whip has is that he's in Congress and he DOES something.
Tami - Same here. And if I were to watch the UK version so I could get some more I bet there'd be spoilers.

Big Dot

Coincidences like that happen to me ALL THE TIME - so often that now I almost expect it. But I'm still astonished. I don't get freaked out, though, I see them as little gifts or in-jokes. Though who from/with, I've no idea.


Big Dot - from Kevin Spacey, of course.

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