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Great Show! All that stuff about the Pope! And the crazies are getting crazier as they get more and more pushback.


Missouri's response to Roe v Wade was to declare that ok, abortion is legal, but they passed a law that all abortions must be by hysterotomy only (cesarean section). They backed down only when every doctor in the state declared the legislature to be freakin' morons.

So, I'm not surprised.


Hattie - Crazies in government are scary, though.
~~Silk - I know. Missouri's legislature routinely humiliates the Republicans who live in KC and St. Louis.


Someone with a brain needs to explain Article XI of the U.S. Constitution (the Supremecy clause) to the morons in Jeff City. Federal law supercedes state law. Period.


Marcia- And stupidity gets you on the news. I think that's their point.

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