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Big Dot

Great news about the abducted boy, shame about your flu, just be glad you don't LIVE with post-nasal drip because that's AWFUL. Although, mucus-flavoured food is great for losing weight. Can't enjoy eating, can enjoy standing on the scales. It's an unsatisfactory trade-off, to be honest.


(Dabbing at your fevered brow.) Poor baby. Feel better soon. And read "Dear Abby" today and be glad you have nothing to do with the "controlling self-absorbed" spouse who never lets her husband take a day off work.

Murphy Jacobs

1) Ugh!

2) Feel better soon!

3) Ugh!


Are you sick enough for Lifetime movies?


So sorry. So much illness these days. I haven't been hearing so much about illness since the 1960's. What is going on?


It's the endtimes, I do believe. What is it with the eyes this winter? Various stupid colds/sore throats, and I keep feeling it in my eyes. Weird.


Big Dot - Geh! Chronic drip! That does sound awful.
Becs- *moans weakly*
Murphy - *vomits*
Tami - No, never
Hattie - CNN, that's what
Suburbancorrespondent - Its global warming.

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