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Last year (well, 2011 so I guess not last year) I was diagnosed with super low Vitamin D. I too had to take 50,000 units a week for like 6 or 8 weeks. Now I'm supposed to take 2,000 units a day and I try to get out in the sun a looooot more. So. Yeah. Take your D. (My pill was a huge green capsule...at least it was pretty!)


Yay for no new lesions. I take Vitamin D because my pharmacist sister orders me to and I'm a sheep. Baaaaaaa....


Autumn -mine is green too. And it makes me dizzy.
Allison -it's hard to take it when you don't feel the advantage of having it or the disadvantage of not having it


I too have a very low Vitamin D count, and no one seems to know why or have a plan to do anything about it. I love science. Dr. Google told me that excessive antacid usage could be a factor and I'm on so much prescription antacid I don't understand how I can still be making stomach acid, so I figured that was it. But then I was very derisively told that the gut doesn't digest D so no...that couldn't possibly be it. I hate doctors.


I know being outdoors and getting some sun almost every day are good things.


Cheese is all a girl really needs. Maybe some yogurt, too, but cheese is the important bit.


Candy - I think it must be the first vitamin to go when people get chronic diseases. And was the derisive doctor a specialist? they seem to be a little more scornful.
Hattie - Geh. I really hate the sun.
Tami - What about cheese flavoring? I just had cheese-flavored Sun Chips.


I don't know why I'm the only woman on earth with normal vitamin D levels, but my love of cheese sure *seems* like it might be the reason.


Tami - Seriously, there was a time they said 20 was low and everyone on earth (but you) had low D. Now they upped it to 30.

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