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You're even hilarious in your dreams.


Your blog is not boring. It's frequently tittillating. . Really.


Autumn - What odd is that the naked dream means I've revealed too much of myself. But to whom? Where?
Zayrina - TITillating. Ha. I see what you did there.

Murphy Jacobs

Not boring. Never boring. Occasionally bemusing. But boring is not a word that comes to mind when I roam around here.

You could TRY to be boring, just to see if you could, but I doubt you'd make it. I think you are incapable of boring.


Murphy Jacobs - You should see Gary when things get boring. That's when he starts seeing things.


What the hell are you eating?


Marcia - canteloupe. And you know it's the magnetic field that governs our dreams.

Murphy Jacobs

Well, you know, when Gary Starts Seeing Things, it isn't Boring. So -- no boring.

Just, perhaps, a need to be patient ;)


Murphy Jacobs - I will try. I might need to do something to poke the bear.

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