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Truly an awesome night I will not forget. :-)

Amy in StL

Hahahaha.... The ghetto. West County girls are so adorable. St. Charles county girls too.


I have to say, all our (mostly) joking aside, it looks like there are some blocks that have revitalized and I would love to visit them when it's not midnight.

Also, the last time I went to Meredith's house I took Grand south from 40. I much prefer the route from 55.


Marcia - It was fun.
Amy in StL - We are so sheltered.
Caroline - I talked with Meredith yesterday and she told me takes of dead bodies lying in the street and flophouses!


Uch. I hate it when my day takes me past any number of dead bodies, be it one or multiples. Especially if they're in a bus station bathroom. I really hate that.


Tami - *tales of dead bodies* - And that sounds like a story. Did you find a body in a bus bathroom?


I have no proof that the human lump of filthy clothing, limbs and hair that didn't appear to be breathing in the Port Authority bathroom was actually a dead body, I just had a very strong suspicion. I'm mildly ashamed to say that I dealt with it by leaving.

It's not a very good story.

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