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Murphy Jacobs

I just at this very moment realized I have missed you terribly.

Amy in StL

I think mom mixed hers into the Gatorade; hers was a powder. She chose some kind of blue, because she was worried that the purple Gatorade (my favorite) had red in it so still would be verboten.


Guess what I got in the mail today? A reminder that it's time for my colonoscopy. Come on! It's been at least five years. Leave me alone.

Hope yours went okay and that you are feeling better.


I put lemonade Crystal lite in mine, makes it much better.


ticking time bomb of poo... I think I found my new band name.


Murphy Jacobs - I would have missed you but I thought you were here!
Amy in StL - Mine was a powder too. They said I should use water, though. The taste was okay. It would have been much better if I hadn't had to be up all night.
Becs - I was told if the polyp was pre-cancerous I needed to come back in three years, if not I get a ten-year pass. I have no family cancer history, though. I have to get my mammogram soon too. I've blown it off for three years.
Zayrina - that sounds smart too. I was afraid to mess woth the directions.
Marcia - Do you remember, did Katie Couric show the prep part of her colonoscopy?


I learn so much from you. The pro tips are priceless.


Tami- Remember the tips when you turn fifty.

Murphy Jacobs

Well, that's the problem with sliding off the blogosphere -- it's hard to tell if someone is there or not, because it's an absence.

Anyway, I've missed the adventures of The Queen and Gary, so I'll be archive diving for a while.


The best tip I got when I had mine (more than five years ago) was to cover toilet paper with Desitin and wipe my butt good before the pooping started.

Wow, am I glad I did that; I would've been a rashed, raw mess had I not.

I'm glad the test went well, dear.


Murphy Jacobs - Dive away. This last year though? Pretty boring.
AnneP - YES. I was chapped. I'll let Gary know for his prep in January.

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