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Glad to hear your heiney is A-Ok!! That is good news for sure!!! Makes drinking all that crap worth it! I am dreading having to go through that in 10yrs. I was told that some people get them when they are 40 as a precaution. I'm still up in the air about going for my first mammogram. I'm traumatized over it. LOL! Never mind that! With the MS, I know some people have bowel & bladder issues so it is probably a good thing to get it checked sooner rather than later but I'll probably put it off as long as I can.

Oh and as far as your hubby goes..too funny! Tell him it is an exit not an entrance. LMAO!


Jodi - Get a mammo! It's nothing. Just a chore that lasts about 20 seconds per boob.


Did Gary get a rain check?


You have such lovely polyps......


Marcia - Well, you know he gets his in January.
Benchmark - Inner beauty.


Thanks, as they say, for sharing.
Anyway, next time you get a dental x-ray or mammogram ask for a thyroid shield. There are definite upticks in thyroid cancer caused by radiation exposure in those procedures. Most places have the shields but just don't bother to used them routinely, so you have to ask.


Hattie - Barnes downtown always gives me some heavy thing to wear during a mammo. If I recall: I confess it's been three years since my last.

Murphy Jacobs

I had my first mammo some 10 years ago and it was a trauma -- took over an hour, much sqooshing, and my technician was nervous.

I had my second a few weeks ago and it was in-out 20 minutes, no stress, no bother. First, the equipment has improved immensely and sqooshing was minimal. Second, the absolute worst part was having my boob handled by a very professional technician like it was a cutlet or a water balloon. Third, at least her hands weren't cold and her no-nonsense attitude meant it was not the least bit embarrassing.


Murphy Jacobs - They always tell me to let them know when it becomes too painful. I interpret that as "Keep quiet if it's painful, we just want to know when you'e ready to pass out."

Mrs. Hall



Mrs Hall - Yep. I went there.

mrs. hall

and this is why i continue to subcribe to your blog. :)

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