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Big Dot

It IS a good time, isn't it? It was years ago now, but I remember that about it. That and the toilet paper. Glad to see that hasn't changed.


I like the dancing part even if it is a little confusing.


I actually had a spontaneous dance party in my house today. Just me and my iPhone. I had fun.


Big Dot - I read they had stopped the toilet paper because it was wasteful, but it's back.
hattie - It was all confusing. It think that's the MO.
marcia - I hope you were blasting it out your speakers. Did the Brown Recluse spiders who live with you enjoy it?


How can it be spontaneous if they've already planned it?


We had a spontaneous dance party at the movie theater during the credits for Wreck it Ralph yesterday. Apparently it's that kind of weekend.


Becs - I KNOW! I think the BMG people know that too.
Caroline - Was W-I-R any good? I want to see it.

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