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And as you do this, reflect on poor souls who have no basements.


No, Hattie, I envy those people with no basements!

And you'll need large bins. Otherwise, everyone puts lots of loose stuff on the shelves; and when you try to roll them, it all falls off.


The basement to my house is large and useless. It does hold the washer, dryer, hot water heater and furnace, but other than that, there's nothing going on in the basement. Only bitter memories of Irene and a really expensive backup sump pump.


Ah, Irene. She's the one that pulled the dryer off the wall in my father's basement, causing a gas leak. I hate that bitch.

My stuff is in large plastic bins on the shelves. I spent $160 on shelves, and $300 on the stupid bins.


Hattie- I grew up on a slab. I know.
Suburbancorrespondent - I have been pricing bins already.
Becs - I thought you purged your basement, but some stuff went back in, did it not?
Tami - My gift depleted Gary's checking account. (My gift was blamed, not the nine iPads he has bought this year.) So, I'll be on my own for bins and wheels.

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