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Big Dot

That's just evil. So, no more stretching and reaching (other than out for food)?

Erin G

I've never even HEARD of oreo balls. What...?


You are living up to your blog title!


Ahem...I can see to it that your no-longer-wanted clothes are safely donated to a worthy charity.


Oh my god, my closet. My closet is probably a really potent symbol of the decadence of modern society. I suck. I've also dropped my antidepressants down a notch - I'm sure you couldn't tell.


Big Dot - Oh, fine, so I went ahead and kept the balls and bacon for myself and gave the PT folks chocolate chip cookies. I may take the bacon and balls in to work tomorrow.
Erin - I'm sure it's a midwest thing, where the folks are fat.
Hattie - Because I make suburban food? Neither of those desserts contain cream of mushroom soup.
Becs - The shirts would hit you below the knees.
Allison - Well there was that Competitive Anxiety post ...


Oreo balls are also known as Snowman Poop.


Wendy- ewwwww. But visually evocative.


I gave my physical therapist nothing, because he was an unpleasant ass. At least he was good at the actual physical therapy.


Tami - I liked mine.I think my sister-in-law Sandy fell for hers. Gary liked his female pT, not the male.

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