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Okay, I can't find the original post to comment on, so I'm hijacking this one. Sorry. We bought a new bed this weekend, and thanks to you having recently made me aware that they are now "no flip", I was able to act as if everyone knew this already when the salesmen mentioned it. Meanwhile, my husband looked flummoxed by the development. Thanks for keeping me up-to-date on cutting edge mattress facts!


I laugh at pain all the time. There's levels. There's swearing, then laughing, then faces, then other words because you can't think of swearing, then tears, then screaming aloud, not really forming any words.

If I'm just swearing, my trainer ignores it. He knows the drill.


Weird is good.


Trisha - Education is what I do.
Tami - This is good to know.
Zayrina- Better than crying.

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