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We have the 5-star-style movie theater here, as well. They call it the "Cinema Suites". One thing, though, and this freaks me out a little - it's $12 a ticket for a regular show, $15 for 3D, and $9 for a matinee.

The over-21-only thing is fantastic for quiet movie viewing. Yes, the waiters are a bit intrusive, but they do their thing and get out. 2 year old children almost never do that.

On to the fact that Gary's doctor puts his finger up butts for a living and reacted like that: What kind of unprofessional attitude is *that*?! It always alarms me if I can gross out a doctor.

Comment part three: Years ago I had a boyfriend who was not named Elmo. Not Elmo was sleeping next to me, when I dreamed that he forced himself on me, despite my saying no over and over again. Not Elmo never did anything of the sort, and in fact was incredibly considerate, but this did not stop me from waking him up to tell him how horrible he'd been in my dream, and how angry I was at him, because of the dream manifestation that represented him.

I'm really embarrassed that I did that, all these years later.


Tami - The doctor is totally a professional. I think it was an involuntary response. I see snotty women commenting on the smell in a bathroom voluntary, observing someone else's stool on your hand, involuntary.


Come on - he shoved that hand *up* *someone's* *butt*.


Tami - Well, it's his job, but he's very clear that it is his least favorite part of his job.

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