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Yes, I caught that too. I so often want to be swept along, and then the old critical thinking skills kick in.
Those arms are really something, though. It must be wonderful to look and feel the way she does, so lucky her. But I saw many mere mortal females in the audience, so that made me feel better.


I think it was justified, because the Romney campaign is using the wife's MS to beat back the image of their being ultra-privileged and never having suffered. If I were Michelle, I think I would feel a little bitter about that, especially having watched her father work so hard with probably not-as-good medical care. I'll give her a pass on that one.

Also? The Romney campaign persists in subtly portraying working class African Americans as lazy and shiftless. I think this was more a response to those accusation than to Ann Romney's MS.


Hattie - But I see from your blog you watched Bill C. I bet you got swept along there. (Nice toes, by the way).
Suburbancorrespondent - Well put. I just heard another MS shout-out today. The Nun from the Bus gave an example of 10-year-olds who "were trying to care for their bedridden mother who has MS and diabetes." There! Nun says I raise you a diabetes.


Thanks. The Big Dog still has it! Those 50 minutes just flew by! And I actually learned things from his talk.


Actually, she told her father's story in 2008. I remember that level of detail, but I think the point she was making about her father was that he was a hard worker, he was determined to see his kids get educated, and the importance of having health care available for everyone. I think it's a stretch to assume she might be implying Ann Romney is a whiner.


Hattie - Gary now says things like "You know how I know the new bed is bigger? One word. Arithmetic."
Marcia - Well, they go over those speeches so intimately I had to ask. I wonder if AR is paying 4K a month for the drug.

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