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Big Dot

That's a curiously disturbing image.


Big Dot - There's an even more disturbing one I didn't choose because I used my right hand. The scar from my extra thumb is very visible.


Rebecca decided that your extra thumb is your unique thing that makes you special.


Ooh, is that the new gel stuff that's supposed to last forever?


Becs - yes! It is one of the few things that supports the Gary S______ Economic Theory: if it's more expensive, it must be better.


I have the new gel stuff that's supposed to last forever on. I had my manicure on Saturday. 3 of my nails have chipped polish, and my right pinky nail *broke*. My nails don't break. This is causing me significant mental anguish.


Tami - how IS that? Did they cook it twice in the ultraviolet light? Perhaps your body repels the gel.


I think this color is from a bad bottle. I've had nothing but good luck with this stuff up until now.

Chipped a 4th nail this morning, closing the car door.


Tami - If I were someone else I would say you had to go get your money back, but I am not. Can you remove it? Can you get it off with regular nail polish? They have to use a Dremel on me.


They get this stuff off with a Dremel.

If I cared more, I would have gone back. They would have re-done my color for free. I've shown up with a single bad nail there countless times over the years, and they never charge me for a repair or repaint.


Tami- strange, though. I assume you don't go to a walk-in place. I'm afraid I do.


No, no, I go to a walk-in place. I've just been going regularly for 4 years, so they all know me by now.

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