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Amy in StL

Yeah, it's official now. I'm never having my wisdom teeth removed. Screw that!


I have a broken wisdom tooth that I do not allow the dentist to touch. If it gets infected, fine, he can touch it. Otherwise, I'm living just fine with a broken tooth that isn't infected and doesn't hurt. So there.


Shh ... don't tell Gary, but for YEARS after I had my wisdom teeth pulled, little shards kept surfacing, like rocks popping up in a garden. It wasn't so much painful as it was annoying. Eventually it stopped.

And I couldn't help but wonder why the dentist charged me all that money, seeing as how he evidently left half the damn teeth in there anyway.


Amy in StL - I hate to tell you, the complications get worse as you get older.
Tami - Well, just pray it doesn't migrate to your sinuses. There are many images of that on google.
RockyCat - Oh, God. Years? This can not be.


How the hell would my half tooth migrate to my sinuses? Aren't teeth attached to the jaw, somehow? I now realize that I know next to nothing about teeth.


You meant the infection, didn't you.


Tami! No! Tooth in sinus! Read #22:

... or else do not. It is 4 am now and I just went back and read that whole page. Yikes. It's a compilation of anything that has EVER gone wrong in a wisdom tooth extraction, compiled by someone who has something go wrong during a wisdom tooth extraction.


I am SO not reading that. Nope. Thanks for the research, though.

At 4am I was asleep. I'm really happy about that.


Tami - Good. Really terrifying.

ascot vale dentist

As a dentist I can say that once wisdom teeth are removed they cannot grow back. If there is something that looks and/or feels like it could be a tooth where your wisdom tooth was extracted the most likely explanation is that a piece of root has been missed during the wisdom teeth removal procedure. Consult your dentist and he will do the requires further treatment.

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