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Amy in StL

Oscar always want to chase the ravens in Brentwood. Lucky for him they run; I really think they could probably take his little 22 pound butt.


Another TV drama about the upper and lower classes in musty old England (YAWN)

Big Dot

I found Downton Abbey much more entertaining than Upstairs, Downstairs (which is now being remade, thanks to DA). It's formulaic, but so well done, and the costumes are gorgeous. So is the house - I've been there: http://www.travelskite.com/2011/07/as-i-was-saying-to-lady-carnarvon.html
(Pardon me if I've mentioned this already.)


Amy in StL - They would pick him up and fly off.
Hattie - LOVE!
Big Dot - Oh my god, the hats. I want to make them all.

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