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I dunno. Sounds dirty to me...


I can see that you and Gary live a life of riotous self indulgence.

Amy in StL

So is that kind of like when I look into my sink and notice I have all one type of utensil (usually knives) and wonder "If my house and I were buried right now, would future generations digging up my abode wonder why my people only used knives?" I have no idea what I think I'll be buried in since there isn't a volcano anywhere near Brentwood.


I'm kinda with magpie on this - sounds dirty. That, or like some kind of alternate expletive my Grandma would use - "Well, wax my cheese!"


Magpie - It sounds dirty to me too now.
Hattie - Hey! We make our own cheese! Isn't that supposed to make me seem eco-friendly and self-sufficient?
Amy in StL - The rivers could flood us all and bury us in silt.
Mare - Is it the "cheese" that's dirty or the "wax"?

Country Girl

"Wax my cheese." *snicker*


Country Girl - I'm a cheese waxer from way back.

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