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Geez, that's a lot of noise.


Marcia - Gary claims it isn't him, but all those laughs came during a 7 - minute interlude. The MPG does not lie.

By the way, for those who dont know Gary, that's the way Gary laughs.


OMG girl. That's Gary's laugh? What does it sound like when he's screaming?


I go to be earlier (8pm) than Santa because I have to get up at about 3:35am to get to work on time. I run white noise to drown things out. If he woke me up with that kind of senseless noise making there would be hell to pay, and he knows it. He has a healthy respect for the wrath of a needlessly woken up (or kept up) Zayrina.




I now have issues if I don't get to sleep before my housemate starts having sex. He's very quiet, but the participants in what he calls "the parade of whores" seem to be transported beyond politeness. Hence, my trouble getting to sleep, if I leave it too long.

Living with a young guy whose girlfriend left him a month ago is *so* different than living with a young guy with a steady girlfriend.

I don't think I've heard Gary laugh, before. Odd.

PS-I just caught up on 2 weeks of blog. Why was I gone?

Amy in StL

OMG, tv noise in the background would be less disruptive for me! I didn't know how loud it would be so I had it turned up too far here at work. I got a little prairie dog action when he screamed!


Tami: That is the most depressing thing I've heard in a while. Thanks for ruining my day.

Big Dot

MY GOD!!!! Thank goodness I put my earphones on to listen to that here in the airport lounge. As it is, I copped some curious looks each time I jumped. As I did - how can you sleep through that?!


Becs - There's no silence when he screams.
Zayrina - yeah, Gary has really no regard for sleep cycles. He always comes to bed and says loudly "ELLEN ARE YOU ASLEEP?" and then goes on to tell me about whatever quirky movie he has watched until two am.
~~Silk - This is why we don't see comedies at the movie theater any more.
Tami - I just assumed you were on the Rock Boat.
Amy in StL - That isn't a scream! That's a delightful laugh!
Hattie - earplugs are great for sleeping and for rock concerts and for noisy whores. Tami should use them.
Big Dot - I don't usually sleep through it, honestly, but there are only a few times a week he watches a sitcom. But, yes, it keeps me up. Plus, I can use earplugs.


I'm curious why his partners are the parade of whores when he's the only one he has irrefutable proof has been with more than one person recently. Hmmmmm...


Caroline- I don't know. Because maybe they are whores? Some people are literal.

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