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Big Dot

Hahahahaha! Scary yet hilarious. And totally guilt-free to do that to someone, because they're politicians and fair game.
Excellent techie skill, by the way.


Just as scary - any thoughts I had about moving back to Virginia in my dotage have been swept away. I don't have full info on this, but apparently the Gov. signed a bill that forces any woman who wants an abortion to have an MRI and then look at it. WHAT??!!!


best photos ever.


I really think these photos expose the real Santorum.


Big Dot - That was cutting and pasting in Paint. If I'd gotten my hands on my work Photoshop, I could have stretched his face or cut in a slanted line. (I did feel a bit bad making fun of his obvious deformity.)
Becs - Wait - my MRI machines all say you can't even go on the room if you're pregnant. So they want you to hit the fetus with radiation and then change your mind?
Magpie - I kind of want him to be president just to see what the editorial cartoonists will make of him.
Hattie - Eww ...exposed ... paticulary in light of the alternate google meaning of "Santorum" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campaign_for_%22santorum%22_neologism
I had to google Santorum Headshot for those photos, don't think I didnt see a few icky ones there.


Queen - Oops, I re-read the info and it turns out to be a vaginal ultrasound. Still. The government dictates (ha) that some woman has to stick a probe up her vagina before she can get an abortion?


Becs - My rational brain repeats what I heard (on NPR, no less), "85% of woman who get an abortion have a vaginal ultrsound as part of the process" anyway. Thats my brain. My vagina is clenched and outraged. My gut churns. My boobs still like Susan Komen just for the money. My ears miss Davy Jones. I'm conflicted.
Have you seen those ultrasounds that make a 3-d image of the fetus? I'd like to see a blastocyst on one of those. People would scream "get that out of me."


Doesn't having something in her vagina always precede an abortion?


Caroline - key difference: foreplay

...On second thought (a day later) I don't get foreplay before the speculum goes up there. I hate the speculum and I have to psych myself up for it. But it's a neccessary evil.

Yeah, okay, my brain agrees with you, and my vagina is horrified.

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