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Don't people do the goofiest things? It never ceases to amaze me.


The scariest part of this is that Gary has excepted the taste of insecticide in his cantaloupe as being normal.


Well, I'm glad you don't tiptoe around the guys, at least.
I think a lot of that comes from the days when men were the ones who made good money, which forced other family members to be economically dependent on them. So women felt they had to defer to men and keep bolstering them up all the time.


Benchmark - It is goofy, but I like Hattie's explanation.
Mare - Well, perhaps he thinks it means he can't taste the listeria. Or maybe they're adding it so we THINK we can't taste the listeria.
Hattie - now that makes sense. Poor Gary, no one to bolster him.


A big comfy pillow could perhaps help.


Hattie - I watched Dance Moms on his command tonight. That should do it.

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