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I think it's age related. You realize one day you've been making dinner nearly every day for twenty years and you just decide to stop.

Of course, getting a new stove has doomed your cooking abilities. I notice that every time someone gets a new stove or kitchen, she immediately stops cooking.


This assumes she ever cooked before her diagnosis.


Becs - I've been cooking like a madwoman. You really do have to learn the new stove.
Marcia - a Mormon woman not cooking?

All - my doctor warned against taking hot showers; evidently I looked more like a showerer than a cooker.


Picking out crockery and cookware for the kitchen help doesn't count as cooking.

Amy in StL

Sorry, but I think a nice guy would have offered to cook or to get a cook. Only a shitty kind of man tells his wife that she can just make him sandwiches when she relays that she can't cook anymore.


That facebook page is a stitch, in a horrible way.


Marcia - It seems today he protested that he does his own laundry.
Amy in StL - Well, that is true. Cooking is love, and he said, "I don't need your love."
Hattie - I know. So so sick.

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