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Holy shit. My head hurts. And Muslims don't drink? Do you drink? Because otherwise I'd fake an MS crisis - yeah, I don't care if that's inappropriate to do OR suggest. This is going to be FUCKED UP.


I am sooo glad that my Thanksgiving will be spent with brown people who do not know me. I'm very grateful to live near that largest Indian population in the US. No pink people to get in trouble with.


I'll send you an invitation for lunch the following Monday as soon as I get back on email. We're going to need details while they're fresh.


I'm awaiting this report with bated breath. I am always looking for someone to top my Family Thanksgiving 2003[TM].

Hot mom

Your Thanksgiving sounds so much more entertaining than my Thanksgiving. Trade ya. With all that drama going on, no one will notice Gary's new girlfriend.

Or you could just come to my house and drink with me.


Allison - No! NO ONE DRINKS in this family. At least none of the older and middle aged people.
Becs - Tandoori turkey?
Caroline - I bet there aren't any details - we are good at not saying what's on our minds when KC comes to town.
Marcia - They don't write poor poetry. I cannot compete.
Hot Mom - You WILL be asked if you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


I love Thanksgiving now that it's at my house. I make it all about food and entertainment, and it's awesome.

My cousin hasn't dated in years, so no drama there. My aunt hasn't dated since her husband died in 1989 (I know!), so no drama there, and my dad prefers that I not invite his hideous beast of a girlfriend, since he doesn't actually like her, so no drama there.

As I've mentioned before, I keep the fact that I'm in any kind of relationship secret from my father at all times, so no drama there, either.

Yup, all we're gonna talk about is food, football, and movies. It's the best.


So friggin' confused. Can you make a flow chart next time?


Tami- What a lovely holiday. Never going to happen for me.
Magpie - I actually got so confused by my neice's high school friends and boyfriends that I made a flowchart for that.


Do like Becs....Write this up as a script....


Benchmark - I like it. I just read Bec's latest!

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