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Rachel from the Cruise

I knew there was a reason the universe told me to check your blog this morning. Did you say VIP seats? I need to get back in the loop. Holy moly I'm a slacker!


I don't have to do anything but go online and pay to renew registration for our vehicles. Absolutely nothing else. Life is good.

Amy in StL

I keep my tax receipt in the glove box with a copy of the insurance card. That's because after going to the county office for the last several years to get a copy of the receipt and then forgetting my insurance card or vice versa; this year I only had to get my car checked and then drive to the lineless office in Clayton and get my plates.

Amy in StL

Admittedly, it was better when the office was next to Jennifer's pharmacy so I could get a malt after getting my tags.


I do mine online too. But I live in evil Illinois, where we try to shortcut everything, you know?

And Craig S______ks appreciates your business. So would Die----gs. Or Whole Paycheck. I still think walking distance to TJ's is worth spiders.....


Oh, and did you get your feet as soft as marshmallows?

(I bet they still don't smell like marshmallows in this weather.....)

Lisa Emrich

Um, wow, that was confusing. Renewing my car tags does require the appropriate inspections but the rest of it is done online (with credit card) and the pretty new stickers come in the mail.


I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing about renewing licenses, registrations,etc. I'm sure I'll find out the next time I get pulled over.


Rachel from the Cruise - check your email!
Zayrina - we can only do that if we have a special PIN number on our notice, and I never do. And we still have to get the inspection, they just download proof you got it by your VIN number.
Amy in StL- looking up Jennifers Pharmacy ... I always assumed a "malted" just meant a "milkshake." I was wrong! http://vegstlouis.blogspot.com/2011/05/search-and-devour-malted-mayhem.html
Benchmark - I though Mr. S_____k up and had a heart attack during union negotiations and died. So his son has taken over? And no, but I've only finished two treatments. She said it woud take four.
Lisa Emrich - actually the man who did the inspection told me I was wrong, it's even numbered cars in even numbered years. I had read the rules for exempt cars. So, I'm off to the office tomorrow.
Becs - I'm on the edge of being pulled over. The police seem to give us a two week grace period and then they put the hammer down.


How... even model year, even year. They match. How did you... I guess that's not important.

In Jersey we get our cars inspected every 2 years - Becs, it says the year on your inspection sticker on the windshield. We have to renew our registration *first*, which may be done online using the pin number on the card that they send in the mail. Every card has a pin number. If you lose the card, you have to go in person to an MVC office with proof of insurance. I dislike calling it the MVC, it was the DMV for most of my life.

Anyway, once you have a valid registration card (which you have to renew every year, unlike inspections), and you have proof of insurance, you can get your car inspected, which is a giant pain in the patoot. It took me 2 hours to do it in April.


Tami - And then I went there today and found out Gary's car didnt even need to be registered! We'd bought two-year plates last year.

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