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Rachel from the Cruise

Shopping list noted! Walmart delivers right?

Please, please just say BNL is bringing some kind of cool Canadian breeze with them : )


How about putting a block of dry ice under your chair?

I completely understand about the heat thing. And I used to do the "stock up for winter because it's going to suck" Costco run. Starting in Sept, Oct., I'd bring home loads of non perishable essentials that would last thru March.


Rachel from the Cruise - I am all stocked up! I even have a battery-operated fan.
Becs - I plan to put the fan in front of the coolers of ice. Dry ice would look spectacular, bubbling up from my ass.

Country Girl

You need to become a friend with Frogg Toggs. The towel AND the hat ;)


Country Girl - go the Frogg Toggs towel -last one in the store. Didn't know there's a hat!

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