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Really? Mine was for the Black Plague.


Does she still have smallpox? Oh, right. She never had it - just maybe a tiny chance of getting it.


Ooh, hardcore.


It's over? Do you know what the conclusion was? What's next?


Becs - you must have had the placebo.
~~Silk -Actually, my next question was "Oh. Do you have smallpox?" since she had just asked me "Oh. Do you have MS?"
Magpie - I KNOW. Makes me look sick.
~~Silk - yep. the drug's been approved by the FDA and is going to market early Jan. The trial coordinator said that the success rate in our area was very high - or rather, the lack of haelth failure rate.


Is this the same woman you attempted to scare about the Series 7 within 2 minutes of meeting her? Quite an impression you're making.


Caroline - it's okay. We've since bonded over foot pain.

Hot Mom

As a healthy, non-medical-trial-inclined person, you'll always be Spartacus to me.


Hot Mom - Aw. You know I hate shit like that.


I'm guessing it was a smallpox vaccine trial, as opposed to a smallpox treatment trial so I think you still win with the MS.


Christy - yep, that's what it was. Still, she was risking smallpox! I assume they make the vaccine with "dead" smallpox.

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