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This appears to maybe be an example of feeding the vampire......


Ugh, I cringe every time I have to give blood. I'm often stuck more than once and they dig around with the needle for a vein. Usually they settle on one in my hand - but a good phlebotomist can actually use my arm. The last straw for me was donating blood for a blood drive and having to give from my hand after having both arms bruised. Thank goodness we don't have drug testing here.


The worst was the gestational diabetes test when I had to get stuck 4 times in 3 hours. Oh, my aching veins!


Benchmark - If vampires were southern women who called me "Boo," then yes.
Amy_in_StL - I prefer the hand. Hurts much less than the arm.
Caroline - Next time, try the hand. Or the wrist. And a butterfly needle.

All - Why is it no one noticed this was titled December 22, 2001? It's 2010.


Oh, hell no! I have good veins on the insides of my elbows. Great, even. It only hurt so much because they had to re-stick them so close together.


Caroline - Once, someone threatened to go to my feet.

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