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I went to see it by myself when I was travelling, and nodded off at one point because of jetlag; but even if I hadn't made it more disjointed by doing that, I would have struggled to follow the intricacies of the story. But I did admire the SFX, which I think would have been diminished in both senses by seeing it on a TV.


I thought it was really cool. But I didn't blog about it (I was afraid I wouldn't sound smart).


Big Dot - I've just given up on trying to follow intricate stories since The Maltese Falcon. I didn't even notice the SFX until I had to wonder how they did the anti-gravity scenes.
Allison - Well, I don't sound smart. I don't think we're supposed to know the answer to everything at the end anyway.

Hot Mom

I found the ending canned, however, the story was good, the action was awesome and it was visually stunning to a degree I haven't seen in years.

I liked it. (Though it was about 20 minutes too long.)


Hot Mom- was a bit long. That's what made me give the kiddies surprise pig noses. Bored. But I do like an action movie that cuts away from a noisy pointless action scene to show a very slow van.


I loved this movie. Even though it was too much to explain, I loved that they explained everything up until they suddenly stopped explaining anything. I want to talk about things that are spoilers!

And I loved the kid who plays Arthur SO MUCH. I wish I could remember his three-name-name.


Tami - It's NOT French Stewart, that's the other guy on 3rd Rock. Its: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Gordon-Levitt

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