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I work at home so I don't ever take a sickie. I just have days when I haven't the energy to do as many displacement activities as usual. They're usually more productive, work-wise, even if there is gunge in the dishwasher arm holes and my underwear is unfolded.


I called in zitty once. More as a courtesy to my coworkers, so they didn't have to look at my face all day.


These days, of course, the issue doesn't exist. But when I was working, the only time I called in sick was when I was highly contagious or my back was out such that I couldn't walk. But The Company had a liberal "personal business" policy, and I did use that a few times when I just plain didn't feel like moving.

The only difference was that sick days were free, but one was expected to "make up" personal business time, kind of like temporary flex time.

Mrs. Hall

i use to push myself through because i felt really important, being all psychiatric np and all.

but then i realized, there are NO EMERGENCIES IN MENTAL HEALTH. this isn't chemotherapy. there are no crash carts.

plus there are THREE OTHER PSYCHIATRISTS in the building. if they need to be seen and can't wait until they are rescheduled then they can be seen.

so yeah.

i call in sick.

and sleep. and sleep and damn that sounds good. maybe I'll call in sick tomorrow :)!!


I call in sick if I'm actually sick, but that's pretty rare. We also have personal days, so I wind up using those once in a while when I just don't feel like going to work. Ryan likes to think that I don't actually do any real work* anyway, so he's always telling me I should pretend to be sick and call in more often. But I don't.

*Which may or may not be true, but that's beside the point!


You have a condition that means you have to make trade-offs to be able to live a life of quality. If no one else is paying for it, I say go to the concerts and sleep the next day if that's what your tingly chin needs, and fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. (Fuck who if they can't take a joke? I don't know. Am I being too earnest?)


Sick is in the eye of the beholder. And you KNOW people call in sick for hangovers (just as well; I don't want to listen to them retching into their trash baskets) ... but in the end, if you're sick, you're sick (yeah, that's it; that's all I've got). To summarize: stay home, and get better. If your work is anything like mine, it'll be there waiting for you when you get back anyway. ;)


I was at a work function last night (baseball game in the suite!) and ate something that almost immediately didn't agree with me and continued disagreeing with me until I willed myself to sleep at 2am.

I went in for four hours today, only because I couldn't possibly reschedule some meetings with big looming deadlines. Karma rewarded me for my efforts because I left at 2 and came home to find my asshat neighbor being arrested. Yay!


Well, they work ya to death and then you get fired. So don't worry about it.
Everyone I know over 50 is getting laid off. It's like a total disaster.


No workee, no money. No sick days for me. I literally pay for it if I take one. So yeah, if I come in and give the world the flu, don't blame me, blame your ass hat managers for not hiring employees.


I feel so evil, I have even promoted the idea of 'mental health days' to my kids *hangs head in shame*. To be fair, this is the result of about 20 years at a low-paying job with great benefits, and 'personal time' lumped together, so a sick day was just another personal day. But on the other hand, while I sometimes took those MH days, I also sometimes came in and soldiered through when I was extremely sick, due to deadlines, etc. So I'm not entirely rotten...

Currently, I'm unemployed, so I don't give a rat's pooty - I say, smoke 'em if you got 'em, life is short!


I agree with Allison about trade-offs. Unfortunately, one's employer may or may not.


I hate wasting sick days on being sick. I can't recall that I called off on my job since I got norovirus well over a year ago. Noro is one of those things that makes you unable to move. You are weak as a kitten and squirting at both ends. Miserable. Otherwise I drag my virus infested self in to work. Actually in health care you would have to call in dead. They want you there no matter how sick you are.


I have to use sick days for medical tests and doctor appointments, so I rarely have sick time accrued for non-sick reasons. However, my work is fairly flexible. Yesterday I had a 9:45 appointment and I didn't know how long it would run, so I got the ok to use half a vacation day. This way I can save some sick time for when I really need it. "I can't get dressed" days aren't too often, but it's good to know I can take the time if I really need it.


Well! The nurse insists hot weather can set off "pseudoexacerbation symptoms" that won't get better even when you cool off. I don't have any more concerts this year at the Verizon Wireless Black Hole of Calcutta, but there's a two day concert at Forest Park. I'll put more effort into keeping cool.

Big Dot - Damn you for reminding me I have clothing in the wash right now!
#something (where you been?)- Do I remember that? I don't remember any notable zits...
~~Silk - Thats an odd permutation on the personal day policy. For a while we employed an Orthodox Jew at the old company, and for that time we all got a "Floating Holiday" which many of us used on the Day after Thanksgivng and he used on Passover.
Mrs hall - Well, did you though?
Faythe - I only have one "personal day," whereas Gary has FIVE. I don't know why this dicrepancy exists.
Allison - This is remarkable about tingly chins - they say any new symptoms that show during a pseud are actually old symptoms you never noticed before because they were dwarfed by other more dramatic symptoms. So know Tingly Chin is Having HIS TURN Damnit.
Wyo- Actually, what was waiting for me was Son of the Series 7 Test, or Series 66. Bleh.
Caroline - That is karma indeed!
Hattie - I am just under the wire myself. Oh, and hey your lava flow was on the news.
Becs - Cough into your elbow, that's all anyone asks anymore.
Mare - I have a friend who taught her kids to take mental health days, then when they complained they still had part-time jobs she taught them how to lie to their employers. They are amazingly well-balanced upright kids today.
~~Silk - Pretty sure my immediate employer is okay with it, thankfully. Besides, turns out I really was sick (see above). With a fancy name and all.
Zayrina - Do you wear a mask on the days you are sick? My doctor does. Or maybe that's a front and he does that all through cold and flu season because he might be a germophobe!
Elizabeth - I've tried in the past to save 5 vacation days for an unexpected hospital visit each year, and then to use it over the holidays if nothing turns up, bt new job=less vacation.


I called in sick once and flew with a friend in a four-seater plane to Ohio to visit his father. As we were trying to clear the trees west of Spirit of St. Louis airport, he utter, "shit! shit!". I was then I thought, "if we crash, they'll totally know I was faking."


Mershy - Mershy, Mershy, Mershy...


Outdoor BNL show tonight, about an hour away. Have to be at work at 7am Sat and Sun. Plus get up early enough to put waffle/sausage/cheese/egg casserole in the oven to take to work with me. We are having an unbirthday party.


Wendy - be safe! And I think I speak for everyone one when I say I am unfamiliar with this casserole. I know it with unrolled croissant dough, but, waffles?


The recipe is here, scroll down a bit. I've made it twice now and it got scarfed down both times.
The show was fantastic. The weather was wonderful. Ed did several locally themed raps. A guy 8 seats to the left of us had to be taken out by paramedics between the opening acts. Maybe a seizure.


Wendy - Who are those people in the audio background who seem to be talking instead of listening to Ed describe his haircut experience?


I don't know, but they are always sitting near me.

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