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My Dad had a series of "project cars" when I was a little kid, and one of them was an old Cord. Bright red.

Thanks for the memories!


I never think much about cars until I see something like this. And in a tiny, way out of the way town I commute through, there's an old-fashioned mechanics' garage. In front of the building, there are beautiful cars that I don't recognize. Because, of course, they are Lotuses (Loti?), Lambhorgini (sp?) and Rolls Royces. Srsly? In Nowheresville, New Jersey? Huh!


I am SO PROUD of you for asking permission so that we can continue working together.

Partner of God is a cool man, isn't he?


Rockycat - That would be cool to be able to refurbish as car. We were debating if the Partner worked on his own cars.
Becs - I was thinking Gary and I should hunt out some parking lot auto shows. Its something you dont have to understand to appreciate.
Caroline - Before I got in Anne reorted I had spoken directly to the Partner and rumors I had mouthed off began immediately.

Hot Mom

I'm salivating over here. I think I was that warehouse in my past life.

Did you sent the Partner a link to your blog(with a note to open it at home, of course)? I'm sure he'd like to see his cars online.


Hot Mom - my exact words. "It was very kind of you to allow us to take photographs. I have a blog and I'd like to use it to explain what I did today, and show the photos. Of course it's perfectly all right if you say no."
"Fine, as long as you don't give the address."
"All they might know is it's probably somewhere in Saint Louis. And I never use the name of the company."
The last part was not really germane but I imagine he might feel better knowing I'm keeping his privacy.


Please tell me he offered to take you for a ride.


Magpie - not at all. That would be Inappropriate.

Patrick Gauer

There is nothing that can really defeat vintage cars! They are just so sophisticated and luxurious. I get pumped up to watch "Mafia Movies" because of cars like these ones.


Patrick Gauer - If only I could rent one somewhere...

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