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It took me years to realize that many people think pulling a fast one is really cool.


Thank you. You said so well what I think.


You are not alone. I'm also a rule follower. I just think it is right. I'm not (terribly) scared of being caught. I don't think being a rule follower is something you outgrow. I think that -- thoughtfully, consciously, by choice -- following rules is a mature action. Breaking rules just because one can is childish.

I will admit to driving too fast on occasion. But things I see others do make me wince -- grabbing a drink in the grocery store and drinking it, saying "I'm going to pay for it." Or snitching a grape in produce. People who don't signal and give stop signs a kiss and a promise as they glide through. It's that unspoken (or occasionally spoken) idea that one person is allowed to take advantage of other people, allowed to cheat them, endanger them, steal from them, cause them problems -- either because the special person is "taking revenge", or feels they deserve more, or that they are just More Special.

The Man is other people -- and, yes, sometimes The Man is other people who feel the are also Special. Somehow, doing more things that are wrong makes the world more right? Only in fiction.


Hattie - It almost makes me want to try it. But no.
~~Silk - Damn kids.
Sherri - Wait! If I'm really thristy I take a drink in the grocery and then I really do pay for it. And our grocery used to put out samples of the grapes. But both my sins are gluttony, not arrogance.


I'm a grape snatcher. But I usually buy the bag I snatch from.

Crystal (Bratcw)

Queen, thanks for echoing my distaste for special snowflakes. That attitude is one of the reasons I Hate People.


Becs - I'm a Reformed Grape Snatcher. I try to evaluate them by size and paleness.
Crystal - Hah! I Hate Snowflakes, anyway.

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