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You mean if they make a diagnosis they will now have to do something about it? Under the new regime?
Anyway, don't worry about the migraine aura thing. I get that all the time and never have migiranes. You could cut out MSG, though; that seems to trigger those jagged things.


I had one once. I thought the lights were very pretty.


I have regular migraines, no ocular. Anyone with ocular only want to trade? I'll throw in my much-abused Imitrex prescription.

My favorite line (I swear I will give due credit to The Queen): fuck you, fuck you, fuck any fucking migraine, fuck you and your migraine fucking father Truly a perfect summary.


It's distressing to get additions to the list, just when you're getting used to the old list. Sigh. Any idea how much is caused by the trial meds?

(Ignore the eye thing. It's fairly common. First time I had one of those, I thought I had a detached retina. "Just a migraine" was a relief.)


Tourettes=more fucking excuses to fucking swear.

Mrs. Hall


so funny! that's awesome!

swear a thon!


Hattie - Hm. I might have been eating MSG at the time I got it. And I just assume after reform all doctors will behave the way I want and only say positive things.
Becs - But werent you terrified that it will turn into a real migrane?
Wyo - Credit: "Fuck You And Your Father" is from one of the funniest Onion articles ever: http://www.theonion.com/articles/fuck-everything-were-doing-five-blades,11056/
~~Silk - Nope, not the trial. Pretty typical MS crap. I didn't mention he also wrote down "Gait ataxia" as well.
Gaoo - Fuck yeah. Best episode of South Park? The one when Cartman fakes Tourettes.
Mrs Hall - Cursorama!


I'm totally swearing my head off, over here.


Tami - Fuck them all.

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