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What a great Mom. You're lucky!


"Mom taught me how to garden. Even, better, she taught me how to cope."

Exactly. Thank you for expressing that so clearly. I am going to tell my mom that at lunch today.

Catherine (the Redheaded One)

Happy Mother's Day Queen Mum! You raised a fine Queen. Thanks for that.


my mom told me those were called "naked ladies" (the lilies)... :) Happy Mom's Day!

Queen Mother

Actually they are squameria lycoris. But you are right; they are called naked ladies. You try to protect your children and then Nature creates bad influences like naked lilies in your own backyard. No wonder Q became a groupie for that band!


Rhea Jammies, Sue, et al:
I interrupt my workday to assure everyone that my Mom isn't entirely clear on what the term "Groupie" means. (She's so cute!)


My mom kicks ass too. Yay for good moms! Happy belated Mother's Day, Queen Mum:)


I'm big on mom appreciation. Having lacked one of my own for the majority of my life, I sort of take other people's mothers very seriously. Even my mother in law gets full mother treatment (in her own special way).

Congratulations on having an extra special mom! You guys cope like the lilies do -- try to mow you down, and you bloom anyway


Autumn - Yep, she is a fine Mom. Even if she doesn't know what "groupie" means. Today I'm wondering if you can be a groupie for a solo act. (Leonard Cohen. Call me. I like father figures.)
Sherri - awww. That was too nice.

Motherless Child

Rub it in, why don't ya?


Motherless Child - Hey, at least I didn't ask you "Who's the MOTHER?" (That isn't going to make a bit of sense to anyone but you and Catherine until tomorrow.)


Your mom rocks. But you knew that.

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